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Job Seekers

The following postings were submitted to the FBINAA by organizations who recognize the value of our members. Each posting gives a brief description with a link to learn more about the position.

Current Postings

SAIC- Program Manager- Senior Law Enforcement Advisor supporting ICITAP in IRAQ

SAIC is seeking highly qualified personnel to serve as Program Manager – Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (PM-SLEA) with senior command law enforcement and international expertise in criminal justice assistance to foreign government officials.  The Program Manager – Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (PM-SLEA) will be responsible for managing, supervising, planning and implementing ICITAP assignment projects in Iraq (IRQ).   The PM-SLEA will be responsible for assigning, supervising, monitoring and supporting a team of Technical Advisors (TAs) and staff serving as subject matter experts across a wide range of criminal justice disciplines.  Also, the PM-SLEA will be for the administration and performance of Third Country Nationals (TCNs), Foreign Local Labor (FLL) and subcontractors.  The PM-SLEA will be responsible for coordinating and arranging for logistical and life-support services of TAs, staff and other team members ensuring compliance with US law and regulations, DoS Chief of Mission direction and local laws.  The PM-SLEA will ensure that ICITAP approved projects, equipment and services are delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with prescribed specifications.  The PM-SLEA will also advise and facilitate the TA team to train, advise and mentor host country officials on best practices for developing, planning, implementing and sustaining a wide range of criminal justice initiatives.  The PM-SLEA must be effective in team collaboration across a wide range of host country officials’ ranks, authorities and technical knowledge/expertise.  The PM-SLEA will work with various US officials from Departments of State (DoS) and Justice (DOJ).  The PM-SLEA serves as ICITAP’s lead prime contractor representative in the host country, but the PM-SLEA is not a US government official. Duties also include facilitating meetings; leading working groups; developing reports and specialized papers; reviewing and editing policies; manuals and Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs); conducting briefings; and, active participation in advising officials.  Work will be performed at designated host-country site(s).  LEARN MORE...

SAIC- Women's Leadership Development Program (WLDP) Senior Technical Advisor

SAIC is seeking an exceptional leader to join our ICITAP in Indonesia as the Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP) Senior Technical Advisor.
The WLDP Advisor is responsible for conducting training, mentorship and advisory responsibilities to the Indonesian National Police as part of the Women’s Leadership and Development Program (WLDP) team.  The objective of the WLDP program is to improve the law enforcement capacity of the Indonesian National Police (INP), Polwan (women police) and other stakeholder agencies, during the investigation and prosecution of cases involving Violence against Women and Children (VAWC). This project will consist of delivering development assistance to institutionalize international best practices of investigation techniques, effective communication & interviewing, case preparation/management, principles of supervision and leadership/ mentorship to all levels of female police personnel, and support services to women and children affected by violence and sexual assault.   Additionally, because of the importance of collaboration between multiple stakeholder agencies, the program will also include: the development and delivery of advanced level curriculum for newly assigned Polwan officers, experienced investigators and prosecutors working within this field, the coordination/facilitation and development of instructional materials for workshops between INP personnel, the Prosecutorial Service, the Ministry of Women’s and Children Affairs, other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’S) and the public. LEARN MORE...


SAIC- Human Intelligence Law Enforcement Advisor (HUMINT-LEA)- Worldwide

SAIC is seeking highly qualified men and women to serve as Human Intelligence Law Enforcement Advisor (HUMINT-LEA) with senior criminal investigative expertise and experience in assisting foreign police officials.  The Human Intelligence (HUMINT) in Law Enforcement Advisor (HUMINT-LEA) will be training, advising and mentoring host country officials on best practices for designing, organizing, implementing, and sustaining law enforcement HUMINT capabilities within host-country police services in compliance with local laws and ICITAP project requirements.  The HUMINT-LEA serves as part of a larger team of law enforcement technical advisors in assisting the host nation to build and strengthen police service capabilities with strong foundations in rule of law, respect for human rights and applied global best practices in law enforcement disciplines.  

The HUMINT-LEA will work directly with senior host-country police officials, among others, advising and mentoring on:
Best approaches for identifying, developing, managing, controlling and vetting HUMINT and confidential informant (CI) sources;

Lawful practices for eliciting, testing and verifying information from human sources;

Utilizing HUMINT in criminal investigations and the application of evidentiary rules for HUMINT admissibility in criminal judicial proceedings in the host country

Establishing and maintaining auditable financial controls over CI funds and distribution with strong accountability measures and reporting;

Establishing and securing CI files and records;

Developing and applying HUMINT-based intelligence products into actionable crime prevention and targeted reduction strategies for patrol operations and investigations; 

Development of HUMINT-for-Law-Enforcement investigator selection, training, policy development, unit administration, implementation, budgeting and sustainability.

The HUMINT-LEA may represent DOJ/ICITAP in meetings with the U.S. government agency officials, senior foreign officials and others.  While the HUMINT-LEA is one of DOJ/ICITAP’s prime contractor representatives on the topic of law enforcement HUMINT, the HUMINT-LEA is NOT a US government official.  

The HUMINT-LEA is an SAIC employee reporting to an in-country Program Director or SAIC’s Senior Program Manager (SPM).  Duties also include: facilitating meetings; leading working groups; developing reports and specialized papers; reviewing and editing policies; manuals and Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs); conducting briefings; and, active participation in advising officials.  LEARN MORE...


SAIC- Program Director- Senior Law Enforcement Advisor supporting ICITAP in Somalia

SAIC is seeking highly qualified men and women to serve as Program Director – Senior Law Enforcement Advisor (PD-SLEA) with senior command law enforcement and international expertise in criminal justice assistance to foreign government officials.  The PM-SLEA will be responsible for managing, supervising, planning and implementing ICITAP assignment projects in Somalia (SOM).   The PM-SLEA will be responsible for managing, supervising, planning and implementing ICITAP projects in Somalia (SOM).  The PD-SLEA will assign, supervise, monitor, and support a team of Technical Advisors (TAs) and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) serving as subject matter experts across a wide range of disciplines.  Also, the PD-SLEA will be responsible for the administration and performance of the TCNs, Foreign Local Labor hires (FLLs), and subcontractors. The PD-SLEA will work with SAIC and a variety of in-country vendors to coordinate the logistical and life-support services for TAs, TCNs, FLLs, and other team members.   The PD-SLEA is expected to maintain accountability for staff, reporting back to ICITAP on the status of all project assets immediately after major incidents.  LEARN MORE...

California State Assembly- Chief Sergeant-at-Arms

The California State Assembly seeks a dynamic leader, confident in their ability to work collaboratively, provide the highest level of service, and inspire staff to serve as the next Chief Sergeant-at-Arms. This position demands a law enforcement professional energized by hard-work and motivated by the complex and interesting challenges encountered in
protecting California’s Assemblymembers, staff and the public they serve at
the State Capitol and statewide district offices.

The ideal candidate must possess the ability to motivate and lead a diverse staff in providing the highest level of safety, service and security in a fast-paced environment. The Chief will bring strong leadership to effectively guide and mentor a skilled and highly competent group of employees in ways to best meet the needs of the Members, while providing for their utmost safety. The ideal candidate will be proactive in developing
collaborative partnerships with the department’s numerous stakeholders to
identify solutions to provide for the safety of the Members, staff and Capitol visitors.

Minimum Qualifications:
- Ten (10) years of professional experience in law enforcement or a
similar field.
- Five (5) years in management and/or supervisory experience within a
complex public sector or private organization.
- A background working in an environment with elected officials is ideal.
- Ability to work additional hours based upon business needs.
- Ability to travel throughout the state of California and internationally.

Special Requirement: California POST certification; an adequate amount
of time would be afforded to candidates from outside of the state to become
California POST certified.

SAIC- Police Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mentor in Somalia

SAIC is seeking highly qualified men and women to serve as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Law Enforcement Advisor (LEA) with operational and command expertise in police EOD/Hazardous Devices Unit operations. 

The EOD-LEA will be responsible for training, advising and mentoring specialized police units and police commanders in Somalia (SOM) on best practices and procedures related to hazardous and explosive device unit operations.  

The EOD-LEA will advise, train and mentor Somalia Police Force (SPF) commanders and Police EOD Technicians on criminal, terrorist preparation and attack tactics involving explosives and hazardous devices as well as the best countermeasures, response and render-safe tactics related to police EOD Unit operations. 

EOD-LEA will also advise, train and mentor SPF commanders, EOD Technicians and Investigators on best practices for unit response and investigative cooperation. 

The EOD-LEA will advise and mentor SPF Commanders and EOD Technicians on best practices in EOD Technician personnel selection, basic training, in-service training, and professional development. 

The EOD-LEA will advise and mentor SPF Commanders, EOD Technicians, Investigators and Crime Scene Evidence Technicians regarding the proper identification, collection, safe handling, preservation and chain-of-custody of explosives evidence and trace evidentiary materials. 

The EOD-LEA will advise on EOD Unit organizational design best practices, personnel motivation, health and safety as well as performance sustainability. 

The EOD-LEA will provide best practices for EOD and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) utilization, storage, training, inspection, calibration (as applicable) and preventive maintenance. 

The EOD-LEA must be effective in team collaboration across a wide range of host country officials’ ranks, authorities and technical knowledge/expertise. 

Eagle Security Group, Inc. - Personnel Security Specialist

Eagle is seeking Personnel Security Specialists to perform a full range of Background Investigations and adjudications support services in the Washington DC Metro Area and Huntsville, AL.


•Active Top-Secret Clearance; capable of obtaining SCI with CI poly
•Bachelor’s Degree
•7 years personnel security investigative or investigative analyst experience
•8 years of experience working in Federal law enforcement or 10 years working in the personnel security field
•Investigator or Adjudicator certification

Desired Qualifications:  

•Security Management experience 
•FSO, FBI or law enforcement background 
•Master’s Degree 

General Qualifications:
•Effective team member with excellent verbal and written communication skills 
•Working knowledge of personnel security investigative guidelines to include NISPOM, EOs, FIS, and SEAD
•Research experience with ability to summarize and analyze data
•Capacity to create investigative and professionally written reports
•Experience using Microsoft Office Suite, Lexis/Nexis and JPAS

Pinehurst Police Department- Administrative Coordinator

Employees in this class perform a wide variety of administrative and technical support, and office management functions in support of a department. Administrative duties require tact and discretion in handling sensitive or confidential matters in the program areas. The employee may be assigned projects, which are paraprofessional in nature and require advanced training or considerable program experience to function at a competent level. Work requires greater independence and self-initiative in activities and may include supervising, or providing advanced technical assistance to other staff in the organization. Problems are brought to the attention of the supervisor by this level position, with issues researched and alternative solutions suggested. Guides generally include a variety of written technical manuals and on-line instructions, as well as comprehensive rules and regulations. The employee may be involved in developing and maintaining operational policy and procedure in a technical environment. Sound judgment is required in performing responsibilities. Work is performed under the supervision of the department head or senior management staff and is evaluated through monitoring, observation, conferences, feedback from citizens and staff, and annual evaluation.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities
Oversees the Village's dispatch center and supervises Telecommunications personnel dispatching and monitoring 911 calls; schedules personnel and serves as a dispatcher when needed
Secures information via telephone or personal contact; selects appropriate materials to answer questions; and often handles the inquiries independently for the organization.
Handles confidential or sensitive technical information in an appropriate manner, often representing the department head to outside sources of services needed; maintains department personnel files; manages destruction of records in accordance with record retention schedules.
Handles accounting and budgetary functions for the department including receiving all invoices and approving for payment; purchasing operating supplies and materials in consultation with the supervisor as needed; may provide recommendations on equipment and technology upgrades to the department head.
Serves as the Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC), acting as liaison between the SBI's Division of Criminal Information (DCI) and the VOP Police Department; adds and deletes users from DCI, CAD and other specialized computer systems used in law enforcement work; coordinates audits of system.
Handles file maintenance and records management according to CALEA standards.
Provides customer service; answers a variety of questions from public officials, law enforcement organizations, and the general public.
Drafts and composes correspondence; prepares a variety of scheduled technical and special reports for senior management and various government agencies. 
Coordinates work assignments, provides leadership and participates in hiring training, orientation, performance coaching, and evaluation with assigned staff.
Maintains and preserves evidence as department's evidence custodian and serves as a forensic technician for the department.
Serves as administrator for the department's CAD and RMS system.
Reviews and verifies records and reports for correct information; processes documents including timesheets for payroll based on review and verification; provides input to the efficiency of these management processes.
Reviews materials according to content of communications; performs research and determines the course of follow up action.
Reviews office records or reports, identifies potential inconsistencies; determines the cause; and, resolves with staff and outside personnel.
Interfaces with the DCI regarding officer training, certification, validation of records and audits.
Provides copies of incident and arrest reports to insurance agencies, citizens and the District Attorney's office; submits all revoked and suspended licenses, license re-evaluations and DWI's to NCDMV.
Updates and maintains Mutual Aid Agreements between the Pinehurst Police Department and various other law enforcement agencies.
Notarizes documents for the Police Department and the public as required.
Runs background checks on potential Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) students seeking sponsorship from the Pinehurst Police Department.

PRI Management Group- Director of Consulting

PRI Management Group is a consulting firm that provides criminal justice agencies records management, IT and crime data consulting, training and project management services. The Director of Consulting serves on the leadership team at PRI and oversees, manages, and assists with the delivery of consulting services. This remote-work position includes assisting with sales and presentations to clients, business process analysis, proposal and RFP development, project management and client relations. The DOC also assists with consulting activities including needs assessments, business process re-engineering, and providing findings and recommendations to clients. Learn more about PRI at our website. LEARN MORE...