FBI Memberships (Active/Retired)

The FBINAA offers the opportunity for FBI Agent personnel, both Active & Retired to join the FBINAA.  Those Agents whose assignment made them responsible for the NA selection and/or NAA Chapter, may join, with the recommendation & confirmation of a Chapter's endorsement that they are/were a significant contributor of the NA and/or FBINAA. 

Click on the FBI Membership Application below for clarification on how the process of Membership will work.  The forms will be utilized by the Agents or their respective Chapter, on their behalf, for application and vetting.  Note that the form can be completed and transmitted electronically.

Jennifer Watson, Director of Membership Engagement, will be managing and coordinating their applications and also, the vetting process.  The process for approval typically takes four or more weeks.  Please feel free to forward to her candidates you would like to support for membership.  She may be reached at jwatson@fbinaa.org

FBI Membership Application
(Adobe PDF File)