The FBINAA has partnered with the Georgetown Law Center to co-host an ABLE Train-the-Trainer Program to train FBINAA members and their staffs as “at large” ABLE trainers in this cutting-edged active bystandership program. ABLE-certified trainers will be authorized to provide ABLE training to any law enforcement agency that has been accepted into the ABLE Program. This dedicated FBINAA training program is by invitation-only.

Now more than ever, communities across the country, and the law enforcement agencies that serve those communities, are recognizing that first responders must do a better job intervening when necessary to prevent their colleagues from causing harm or making costly mistakes.

Years of academic research and on-the-ground experience has shown us that effective active bystandership can be taught. The Georgetown Innovative Policing Program, partnering with global law firm Sheppard Mullin, created the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project to prepare officers to successfully intervene to prevent harm and to create a law enforcement culture that supports peer intervention.

Project ABLE is a national hub for training, technical assistance, and research, all with the aim of creating a police culture in which officers routinely intervene as necessary to:

  • Prevent misconduct
  • Avoid police mistakes, and
  • Promote officer health and wellness.

Participants in this dedicated training event will participate not only in an ABLE Train-The-Trainer program dedicated to FBINAA members, but also will receive an extra day of virtual workshops with the developers of the ABLE Project ensuring that each participant has the information, skill-set, and confidence to serve not only as an ABLE Trainer, but as a national ABLE ambassador as well.

ABLE Trainer Certification

The Train-the-Trainer Program will be delivered online or in-person for three full days. The FBINAA and the Georgetown Innovative Policing Program will cover all costs, except attendee travel, lodging, meals if the program is conducted in-person.

Attendees of this free training are expected to be available to co-instruct a minimum of three ABLE programs, 8 hours each, per year in their region and at least 2 hours of annual refresher training.

Those interested in participating in the ABLE Train-the-Trainer Program, must submit a letter of interest to John Kennedy, FBINAA Director of Education & Training, at

The letter of interest must include the following required information:

  • Are you a FBINAA member is good standing? If yes, Session number.
  • Submit four letters in connection with application:
    • Two letters from community organizations(e.g. faith organizations, community action groups, NAACP chapter)
    • One letter from the leader of the agency (chief, commissioner, sheriff, etc.)
    • One letter from the leader of the jurisdiction in which the agency is based (mayor, city manager, county executive, governor, etc.)
  • Do you or any family member have any financial interest (past, current, potential), including a compensation arrangement, with any partner, sponsor, vendor, supporter, etc. of the FBINAA? If yes, please explain the arrangement(s).
  • Confirmation of availability to instruct a minimum of three ABLE programs, 8 hours each, per year in their region and at least 2 hours of annual refresher training
  • Attach resume/CV.

Train-the-Trainer Process

ABLE Master Trainer Certification

Upon completion of the first Train-the-Trainer program with 25 select attendees, recommended by the Section Reps, 2-5 ABLE instructor trainers will be selected to conduct train-the-trainer.

These instructor-trainers would also be able to conduct onsite training for those departments that desire outside trainers.

ABLE Train-the-Trainer Program

Train-the-Trainer Programs will be scheduled in each FBINAA Section, on a monthly basis throughout the U.S. in 2021:

  • Section I: three programs
  • Section II: three programs
  • Section III: three programs
  • Section IV: three programs

For larger agencies, Train-the-Trainer Programs will be conducted onsite for their trainers.

ABLE On-Site Technical Assistance and Training

ABLE Master Trainers will be available to provide on-site technical assistance, consulting, and training for those agencies that wish outside assistance. The FBINAA will provide the ABLE-certified trainers onsite to conduct the eight-hour program.

FBINAA 2021 Annual National Training Conference

The FBINAA 2021 Annual National Training Conference will take place July 7-10, 2021 in Orlando, Florida. Designed around the professional development, educational and training needs of the FBINAA members, the events feature 9 keynote sessions, more than 30 breakout sessions and professional development seminars, and more than 120 exhibitors showcasing the latest in law enforcement and public safety products and solutions.

An ABLE educational session will be held during the Conference.


The ABLE Trainer Portal is specifically designed and is exclusive for trainers who have successfully completed the ABLE Train-the-Trainer program. Registration to the Training Portal is necessary for all ABLE-certified trainers planning on teaching the program.

The Trainer Portal will include all materials and tools needed to teach the ABLE Program. These include:

  • Lesson Plans
  • Syllabus, Objectives, and Course Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Resources
  • Trainer Evaluation
  • Sample Program Announcement
  • Annual Training Reporting Form
  • FBINAA Seal Use Protocol
  • 2021 Survey Results