National Academy News

FBINAA HOMECOMING!!  This summer, the FBINAA Annual Conference will be held in Washington DC, which you know is a short (depending on traffic) ride up the interstate from our home in Quantico.  As part of the Conference, we are inviting you to come back to the FBI Academy for our first ever FBI National Academy Homecoming Event, co-hosted by FBINAA National Office and the FBI Training Division.  Homecoming will include a day at the FBI Academy with your own family, your FBINAA family, the FBI Training Division, and members of NA Session 269.  This will be a terrific opportunity for you relive your time at the NA, see what has changed since you were last here, and pass some wisdom on to the next generation of NA grads!  Please look for information on this event when you register for the 2017 Annual Conference.  We look forward to seeing you and your family!


Jeffrey S. McCormick
Unit Chief